A Gift of Time

Our Most Precious Resource


We craft wood watches, pens, and jewelry that embody time through the display of a tree’s rings. These one of a kind creations express nature’s beauty and celebrate our most precious resource time. Trees grow outward from the center, each year adding a new ring of wood onto the prior year’s growth. Time is written in the size and patterns of the annual rings. Here in the rugged mountains of Montana, where century old trees grow slowly, wood acquires extraordinary character. This character and appreciation of time is the essence of our truly unique pens, watches, and jewelry.


The cross section of a tree contains its full life history. The stories of struggle and triumph are preserved in the narrow and wide rings of the wood. The dated wood offers us a connection to a past place and time. To a forest ecologist, tree rings serve as an encyclopedia of past forest and climate conditions. Tree Ring Co. was founded to share tree ring science with the public through cherished keepsakes such as pens, watches, and jewelry.


Each year of special significance inscribed on your pen or watch (for example; your birth or anniversary year) corresponds to the year the wood formed in the tree used to craft that gift. Pens, watches, and jewelry become heirlooms as they are passed from one generation to the next. Much as a tree’s life events are preserved in its rings, your special occasions can be celebrated with a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. Whether you are searching for a great anniversary gift, the perfect graduation present, or a corporate gift that hits the mark – our pens and watches are guaranteed to impress. Be sure to browse all of our gifts and accessories and thank you for visiting!

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